Hi! My name is Nell Walton and I’m the owner of this blog. What’s so special about me? Why would anybody want to read anything that I write?

That’s a question I asked myself also.

I’ve always been kind of a bit adventurous type of person. In college, I was a journalist and biologist. I spent a lot of time on photography. I became the “go to” person in journalism school for darkroom work. In my 30s, I owned a scuba diving shop with my husband. I became a dive master and I also taught sea kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay for five years. In my 40s I was finally able to pursue my heart’s love which was horses. Horses and riding became my life. And through a series of odd coincidences I became a cyber security professional (when I realized I needed to get a real job to support my horse habit).

In September 2018, my life took a drastic change. In a freak accident I fell from my horse while trail riding with a friend and shattered one of my cervical vertebrae in my neck. I was airlifted to the hospital and rushed to surgery. By divine providence (and a good surgeon and trauma team) I was not rendered a quadriplegic although it was a near thing.

I spent months in physical therapy trying to recover from my spinal cord injury. I learn to walk again after being completely paralyzed on my right side. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I did it.

As of today I still have some “deficiencies” as my therapist call it. I have limited use of my right hand and weakness in both legs. Where this situation or is permanent or not there’s no way to know. To say the least its had a big effect on my life. I can’t live the life I’ve had before, at least today.

So I had a choice. Either sit around and feel sorry for myself or get on with my life. I decided to get on with my life.

I made a decision to start a blog. In this blog I’m going to write some observations, poetry and whatever else may pop into my head on every on any given day. I’m also returning to my old love of photography, so there will be photos also.

I hope that the readers can use this blog add value to their lives and see some of the truths that I am searching for myself.